365 ways to wellbeing – 92nd way


Keep up your good habits

During this winter I`ve thought a lot about my blog´s slogan “Natural wellbeing”. I´ve asked myself many times; How do I define “Natural wellbeing”? What “Natural wellbeing” means for me?

Outdoor life – being outside and being in nature.  Outdoor life is one the most important sources of natural wellbeing. I realized that I don´t remember a single time when going outside wouldn’t have made me feel better. Physically and mentally.

So if you want to be well go out to nature! If you ask me, sometimes doctors should prescribe more nature instead of pills. (Actually Japanese doctors do that already).

One great thing about being home with children is that I`m able to go outside when others go to work. I think I´m privileged. That´s why I`ve wanted to make it a habit. I`ve been able to keep up this good habit quite well and that made me feel good (and proud) this day.

This day we were outside almost two hours with the girls. The sun was shining and it was nice to sit on top of a snowdrift, relax and watch how the birds kept on visiting birdfeeder.










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