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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 314th Way

People want to be happy. When we are taught how to be happy we are taught about friends, family, career, money, home and children. They’re all good to have and worth pursuing for but there’s one problem – they are all temporary. And what’s temporary, can’t last. Only thing that lasts for all of our life is, well, us. I last as long as I live. And do does everybody else. Everything else is uncertain.

It’s also very difficult to change everything else how we want it to be, so we feel good, rather than trying to change ourselves. Things are so interdependent that it’s impossible to get them working how we want to. There’s always a surprise lurking around the corner, something we just couldn’t anticipate. The best we can do is to focus on thing that can be changed for sure, like ourselves. So instead of trying to find happiness from outer circumstances, we should look inside ourselves.

This day I went through some photos about me. I thought about myself and a few last years I’ve lived. I realized how outer circumstances have begun to affect my happiness less and less during that time.  The deeper I’ve gone while thinking about my wellbeing, the deeper I’ve looked into myself. I have started to see that the most important thing for my wellbeing is changing and taking care of myself.

I’ve noticed how crucial it is to find those sources of wellbeing within myself and not from outside, where they change all the time in a way I don’t want them to or in a way I can´t control.  I’ve understand that the most permanent elements of my wellbeing are found within me. That myself is what I should develop. And how much better person I can be towards everybody else too while doing so.

If you change yourself, the world will change along.

 “Seeking happiness outside ourselves is like waiting for sunshine in a cave facing north.”

-Tibetan saying-


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