Accept That You Don’t Have Control Over Everything In Your Life


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 300th Way

Yesterday I wrote about how our living standards has improved and we have a plenty to choose from. We don’t have to concentrate so much on surviving anymore. We have social support networks, unemployment benefits, income support and other support systems should we get into the trouble. We still may fall high but at least we land soft.

Many times we have the ability to choose what we want to do and how we want to do it. We have our life under our control sort of speak. That means less surprises. And as we know that’s generally speaking a good thing, since people are not that good with surprises. Especially when you don’t have any control over them.

We often go walking with our family, like this day. I talked with my husband about our last year which has included fear of having a preterm birth, my husband’s grandmother passing away, an appendix surgery and a bad leg injury and of course my crisis. All the things that we weren´t able to prepare ourselves for. When they came our way we just needed to adapt to. We talked about how healthy it actually has been for us to realize that we really can’t control everything in our life. It all has taught us to value life much more, to appreciate the present tense and to realize that life can bring all kind of surprises – negative, but also positive ones.

For many westerners it’s difficult to accept that you can’t control everything. That actually it’s not you who decides always. That you’re just floating in a stream of life, swimming to different directions but still going with the flow. It is so frightening to let go of that thought sometimes. I think first big wake up call for me was my first pregnancy. I think it might be the same for many women. It made me to see how I don’t have control over my body. How I can’t decide what happens inside me. How I’m not the one who’s in charge. It was really difficult for me to accept, but I did eventually. I had to.

It´s actually really relieving somehow when you are able to accept that you don´t have control over everything in your life. It takes a way a lot of stress of being imperfect and failing occasionally. How marvelous it is to see that you are not the only one responsible for your future! This day I realized that and it felt good.

(I can´t believe it´s already my 300th way to wellbeing!!! There is a possibility that after all I can make this 😉 That is SO great!!)













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