Visit Grocery Alone


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 51st Way

Lately there has been too much to do and too little time to rest. I know that because I’ve been loosing my nerves considerably easier than normally during last week. I have started to get irritated and get pessimistic thoughts more often. I have started to like myself less and less. Those are not good signs!

I know that I would need a longer break (Our trip Helsinki comes exactly in a right time!!!). However, longer break is not possible right now. That`s why I need to figure out something small that would help me forward at least a little bit.

This day it was a visit to the grocery. ALONE! A small thing in normal life, but a big thing for a parent of small children. A very important thing for me this day!

It felt so good to put on my jacket, say “bye bye” to all family members and spend a meditative hour alone in the grocery!




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