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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 52nd Way

Physical excercise is really important for my wellbeing! For me a sure way to get a bad mood is save time from excercising. I`ve done that lately – Not a good idea!

When I was a student I used to go to the gym 2-3 times per week. I remember that I always did all the nice excercises in the beginning and heavy excercises in the end (or I skipped them).

Nowadays I don`t like to go to the gym anymore but every now and then I like to excercise at home. The difference in my excercise is that nowadays I do only heavy excercises at home so that I maximize the efficiency 😉

Besides plank excercise another one of my favorite home excercises is lunge. In gym I did it with bench press weights. Now at home I do it with Liilia (and with Unna as soon as my muscles have strenghten enough after my pregnancy exercise break)

How do you do it? Step forward with your right leg and lower your upper body down. Let your knee go as down as you can without letting it to touch the floor. Stand up and do the same with your other leg. Keep your torso upright all the time. Usually I do three rounds of this. In each round I repeat the movement ten times. So it’s total 30 lunges with both legs. Between rounds I rest a bit.

My exercise lasted only 10 minutes but the feeling on my butt and legs was so good after that! My summer bikinis – Here I come 😉





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