The Bond Between Immaterial And Material


When I started this blog I made a decision that SaimaaLife would include both material and immaterial side of wellbeing.

The reason behind my decision was simple: I think wellbeing IS both. It comes from inside but also has its material side.


After writing my blog for some time it became clear to me that the main thing I’m talking in my blog is the things IN you.  The mental, immaterial stuff in life.

So I questioned my decision of taking material stuff on board.


This winter I was there again. Pondering what I want SaimaaLife to be.

At the same time I found Sustainably Chic´s online shop for sustainable accessories. I fell in love with La Petite N-Kay´s organic wool headband and necklace and also this forest green organic chain and lace headband/bracelet.


I decided to make an order but the next question was: whether to post about my new accessories in my blog or not?

While working on my wellbeing I had lost my desire for “unneeded” material stuff in my life. Somehow naturally I had started to take steps towards a simpler way of life. Life where I only buy things that I really need or things that were in some other way particularly meaningful to me. I didn’t need to get something new and pretty just to make me feel good because the sources of my wellbeing were something different. It felt good.

So what´s the point for that kind of a blogger to post about accessories?? Stuff that I think we all can agree that we can live without?


Because we all need material things E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E D-A-Y.

And what kind of stuff we live with DOES matter a lot for our physical and mental wellbeing.

So it IS worth to look for material things, like clothes, that support your wellbeing and help you to be your natural and relaxed self.  I concluded.


When the mail brought me the package from Natalie and I wore this green headband and put Globe Hope´s white tunic and winter jacket and my mom´s handmade scarf on me… Well, I smiled.

This looks so me!! I screamed to my husband while standing in front of the mirror. “I´m again a step closer to look like the person I feel that I am inside! I feel so good in this outfit!!”.

At that same moment I remembered my project to find a natural looking style for a +30 working motherI´m getting there! I thought when we went to take these photos with my husband.


I definitely want to inspire my readers to beYOUtiful and find also material stuff that can help them to get this easy and happy feeling that I have now! I thought while standing in the sun after our photos had been taken.

I may not write typical product posts or reviews in SaimaaLife in the future but I DO want to post about brands and products that have helped me to feel good in my body and mind.

And yes, I may also post about accessories and other stuff that we can also live without. Because sometimes, many times actually, a thing that is meaningless to some is very meaningful for another.

And just because practical experience has taught me that extremes aren´t that good for your wellbeing and happiness.

Especially not when you´re looking for a sustainable and natural way to be well and happy.


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