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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 64th Way

In January I adviced you and myself to close your eyes from the messiness of the home. That is an advice that I`ve followed really well 😉

However, sometimes enough is enough! Sometimes you just have to grab your hoover and clean to make you feel good.

That is what I did this day. I forgot everything else and booked the whole day for cleaning and tidying up our home.

Unna was so eager to help that she fall asleep right after we had finished our cleaning marathon. I took the camera and saved the pictures of our clean and tidy home. Almost straight out of a home decoration magazine or what?

Walking around and adoring our clean and tidy home – that was the thing for me this day!


NO toys or dirt on the floor


NO outdoor clothes on the hallway


NO pieces of bread on the tables


There’s NO dirt in the kitchen`s watertub


NO laundry in the dressing room’s bench


Shining bathroom


NO messy children`s room


Even Moomin`s are in order!


NO dust on the shelves


Even the beds are made! And clean sheets so that it`s nice to go to sleep in the evening!

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