Have Patience 


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 301st Way

Liilia is now in the phase of growing teeth and learning to eat solid food. She’s not learning to eat with the spoon yet but with her fingers. Every parent knows what that means; there’s food all over the table and on the floor, dirty hands and face and more laundry. That process of learning is constantly offering a lot of situations where your patience is being tested. Really tested. Sometimes you just want to give up and continue feeding your child by yourself and with the spoon.

As the old saying goes “patience is a virtue“. Many times it’s so true while we raising up our children. If you’re able to be patient, let your child use their fingers and clean up the mess countless of times it pays of in the future. The more their eat with their fingers the more quickly they become “independent eaters”. They learn important fine motor skills and many times they’re also more willing to eat different kind of food when they’re able to eat at their own terms. Our job gets easier as children learn to eat by themselves. Many times it also affect other areas of life. Like in this case. Fine motor skill are  important for example when your learning to tie your shoelaces, not to mention drawing or writing! We just have to see the pattern that is forming before our eyes. How being patience in one small thing can make our life so much easier in the future to come. I think developing patience is so worth the effort!

This is how our dinner table looked like this day. There was as much food on the table as there was on the floor. 🙂 Did it bothered me? Not anymore because I remember how important it is for the development of my child and how it’ll make my life easier in the future. Being a parent is such a wonderful chance to develop patience 😉




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