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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 256th Way

When you’re living with small children you easily live somewhere in the future. You often say to yourself that it would be so much easier if they were a little bit older. “I wish they would walk already. It would be great if they could put on their clothes by themselves. Maybe daycare will ease up my work load.”

You easily forget that your life is here and now. There is no other life. No other time. The present is the only time we have. And it’s going to be the only time we will ever have.

It’s up to us to make it good. To see the fragility of the present. To realize how easily time slips through our hands. To make it kind of time we want to live. The kind of time we enjoy.

When I was watching our girls swinging this day I was thinking about the present. How this very moment is actually the best moment I have.  When our girls still fit in the same baby swing together 🙂

So my advice this day is that instead of thinking “It will be better when…” you could think “Now it is good because…”






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