Patience From The Forest


How to stay patient with cranky kids? How to avoid loosing your nerves and things escalating into chaos?

That´s a what many mothers and fathers are thinking. How to be a patient parent. 


I’ve found that having enough peaceful moments for yourself is important. Moments when there´s nothing but gentle calmness and silence around you.


Another thing is to have something meaningful to do. A chance to do things that YOU love. Things that bring you joy and happiness. I´ve found that to be incredible important for the balanced family life, and for being a patient parent.


Picking up berries in the forest. Besides yoga, that´s my way to grow my patience and take care of my mental and physical wellbeing.

This morning I woke up 7 am in our boat home. I went to the forest alone to pick up some wild blueberries so I could later freeze them for the winter. Time alone in the forest, in the middle of all the peacefulness and silence of nature did miracles for my wellbeing. Again.


My blueberry picking trip gave me also a lot of patience for the forthcoming days to deal with our girls´ tantrums without loosing my nerves.

So give yourself a chance to do what you love. Do it without a hurry. Do it often enough. That´s a favor for your wellbeing and also for the wellbeing of your children!

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