A Chance To Be Just Me


What a great feeling! For a brief moment I felt that I wasn´t the mother of two. I felt that I was just myself!

I shouted that to my two girlfriends on Haloo Helsinki gig in Ilosaarirock festival three weeks ago. My husband bought the tickets for us as a surprise and we were having a weekend in Joensuu without the children.

Later in July we had a family beach day in Petrinsalmi on lake Puruvesi. The day was H-O-T (as the last weeks have been in Finland. That´s so great!!). After swimming the whole morning and eating lunch the girls were ready to have a nap. After they had fallen asleep me and my husband made coffee and jumped into the lake. When I got back to boat again I experienced the same kind of a moment like in Ilosaarirock. I felt light and enjoyed my life wholeheartedly as a woman.

This is the first summer in years that I´m not pregnant or breastfeeding. I can now feel that my body is mine and is working for me and not for the needs of my baby.  I loved to be pregnant and I loved to breastfeed but I have to say that I love this feeling too. Feeling of being there just for myself. I think this feeling works for my wellbeing and helps me in my motherhood. I need moments when I feel that I´m not only a mother, but also myself.

I think all mothers need this kind of moments. It´s not easy to enjoy your own time and life as a woman without any kind of guilt after having children. But I challenge you to do so!

It´s good for you and it´s good for your family.


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