Fresh Food For Your Wellbeing


The season when nature is offering the most of its food  has started here in Finland.  I´m so happy about it!

Also our vegetable garden has given us the first crop. We have enjoyed rye bread with slices of radishes and cooked food from the first broccoli.

We picked the first handful of blueberries a couple of weeks ago. We have frozen quite a lot of blueberries for the next winter as well as strawberries too. My husband found the first chantarelles last week. I can´t wait to have them more, and other mushrooms too!

Creamy sauce made out of fresh chantarellesFresh fish fried on a pan with butter. Fresh boiled broccoli. Fresh blueberries with milk for dessert. It’s all fresh, fresh and fresh!

I think no one can eat like this all year around (or it would cost fortunes at least). But there are seasons when you can eat lots of fresh food if you´re just ready to make the effort to have it.

Make the effort and maximize the amount of vitamins in your food by eating fresh food as much as possible! It is so good for your wellbeing, both physically and mentally!


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