Falling Into Our Place


Simplicity. That´s what attracts us in boat life.


I love the feeling when I step on board. How my body and mind relaxes when I move from land on to the waters.


All irrelevant things and thoughts are left on mainland. It´s easier to concentrate on things that are important. Things that truly matters.


Our family, quality of life and nature.


When we live in our boat home we are able feel the power of natural environment throughout the day.


This day we left the mainland behind again. Shopping  and laundry were done and the boat was packed.


I watched my loved ones, lake Puruvesi and the sunset.


It was kind of an impulsive decision to buy our boat home 5 years ago. Now it has become a part of our way of life.

A place where our minds get clear and we see what we need to seek in our life to feel well.


I hope you all can find that kind of a place too. Or have found already.

A place where everything falls into its place. 

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