Nature grocery


I think the boating in the end of July and in August is the best.  The weather is usually as warm as it gets in Finland and forests are full of wild food. If you want, you can get all or almost all the ingredients for your food from the nature. You can visit in “a nature grocery”, like we did on the following beautiful  and sunny summer day…


Parking place for boats


We saw that there would be fresh chantarelles in this “grocery” today already from our boat


Chantarelles gave us the idea what we would eat that day


This grocery (=island) is famous for its delicious wild strawberries


For appetizers we ate wild strawberries…


…and blueberries.


After our nature grocery visit it was time to make the dinner. My husband caught some perches the day before so we made fish with chantarelle-cream sauce. Simple and delicious again – and cheap!

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