Good bacteria – Our dear friends


Guest post by Mari Tynkkynen

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Good bacteria, in other words probiotics live in our skin and mucous membranes.

What probiotics do in our body?


  • restrict the activity of harmful bacteria, in other words they inhibit pathogens
  • break down food
  • help food to absorb
  • are involved in the manufacturing of vitamins
  • are involved in breaking down toxins
  • absorb food contaminants and transport them out of the body
  • produce health promoting compounds

It is very important that probiotics restricts the activity of harmful bacteria, because harmful bacteria produces toxins, that affect the entire functioning of our body. The aim of probiotics is that the bowel function is not disrupted and there won’t be absorption problems of nutrients.

Probiotics and babies

In baby’s intestinal is bifidobacteria doing important work to process the milk sugars and limit harmful microbial. Bifidobacteria are building a wall against harmful bacteria. The number of bifidobacteria decreases when the baby starts to eat solid food.

Everyday bacteria support

Body’s immune system needs good and bad bacteria to develop. Probiotics need to learn how to fight against harmful bacteria. Rural children have fewer allergies than urban children, so the time spent in nature will also support the development of the immune system.

There is no reason to disinfect homes. It is enough to wash hands and home with natural shampoo.

Feed your bacteria

Harmul bacteria loves you when you eat something bad and probiotics are sad. When you eat berries, vegetables, seeds and nuts your probiotics celebrate and increase in number and the harmful bacteria will run away. Remember this when you are shopping food.

When intestinal bacterial changes in a bad way, you feel that in your stomach. It might cause diarrhea, flatulence or you get sick easily. Harmful bacteria are connected in many illnesses, for example: allergies, diabetes, cancer, heart diseases, urine infections, ear infections, autism, adhd and bowel diseases.

Remember that you can always influence your probiotics by eating real food, walking in forest, sleeping enough and by enjoying life!

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Mari Tynkkynen – Mari is a woman behind Terapiaperhonen Oy. She is occupational therapist. Besides that she does also nutrition coaching, which is based on functional medicine, FLT Ravintovalmentaja – Pro Health®. (Links only in Finnish)

Mari thinks that everything is linked to everything. That’s why we need to think widely and explore the world. The most important thing is to listen to our own body and mind.

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