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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 70th Way

Back at home! Althought our holiday trip to Helsinki with a 4-month old baby and a toddler was tiring it was all worth it. With all the positive energy that our trip gave to me I`ll change dipers and stand the toddler´s temper tantrums for weeks on!

There can be tiny good things or major good things in your life. Either way, I think it`s important to take all the possible joy out of them. In that way you’ll maximize their positive effects on your wellbeing. That`s why I spend this day at home to enjoy the good vibes our trip gave to me.

I`m so so happy about my new hairstyle! It`s stylish and feminine but yet practical. And this outfit – this blue tunic ℅ and fish earrings ℅. On the other hand that tunic is cozy and perfect for home days but also suitable for life outside home. And those earrings – although they are big you hardly feel them, because they are so light.

When I look at myself in the mirror I like a bit more what I see. And every woman knows how much that means and how great it feels!

Btw guess what! Those bags include also surprises for YOU! More about that next week…








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