Recipe For Good Mood
Beetroot-Raspberry Smoothie


How to keep your energy level high during the whole workday?

That is the question I have been looking for answers already some time. Because, you know, I have this problem. My energy level tends to drop always in the afternoon. I feel tired physically and mentally, and it is hard to concentrate on working after it happens. Or I can work, but I am not that efficient anymore not to mention that I would enjoy working then.


Food is one key element. I have known that already long. First I started to pay attention to my breakfast. That I eat well and enough in the morning (I didn’t, so I started to eat more). The next thing was that I added some protein to my lunch because I found out that it was too light too.

Next, it was time to think what I normally eat in the afternoon. Tadaa! Together with the dietician, we made again new diet discovery. Besides coffee, I barely ate anything in the afternoon. Or often I ate few pieces of chocolate and a fruit but nothing more.

No wonder the last working hours were tough for me!  Often I also had a sweet tooth, and I found myself snacking before sitting down to dinner with our family.


That is how smoothies became a part of my afternoons. Here is one great recipe that I found actually already last autumn.

Recipe for Beetroot-Raspberry Smoothie:

  • 1 small, raw peeled beetroot
  • 3 dl frozen raspberries
  • 3 dl almond milk
  • 1/2 orange
  • (chia seeds)

Simply mix all, blend & enjoy! I was so surprised when I tasted this for the first time. Raspberries and orange fit perfectly with beetroots.


Someone might ask, why beetroot?

Well, here’s why:mental-health-benefits-of-beetrots-saimaalife

Besides increasing blood flow in the brain, it is said in the Medical News’s Today’s article “Beetroot: Health Benefits, Nutritional Information that beetroots also lower blood pressure and improve athletic performance.

The rhythm and demands of working life are so tough that it often feels an athletic performance and good endurance is needed in order to keep your mood high and the stress (and blood pressure) in control.

So that’s why I like to eat and grow beetroot!


In the following 360 video, I tell you what other benefits beetroot has concerning your mental health, and why I call this smoothie “Good Mood Smoothie”.

You can watch this 360° video on mobile by opening this in your Youtube App or use Chrome/Firefox on desktop.


If there’s a fridge at your work place, make the smoothie at home, take it to the fridge and drink it in the afternoon. Or put everything ready in the evening and make a breakfast smoothie. Whatever works best for you!

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