It’s Just So Cool To Grow Your Own Vegetables!


It started with planting our vegetable garden in June.

It continued with weeding and thinning out it in July.

It offered us plenty of natural medicine in August.

It gave us many enjoyable moments around the kitchen table in September.


Now it´s October. Time to do the last harvesting.

This day we took all root vegetables into my parents´ dirt cellar. We left only our Jerusalem artichokes and some of the parsnips untouched.

We have a dirt cellar in our new home. I´m SO happy about it! We took one boxful of root vegetables there now. No one has used our dirt cellar for a loooong time so we need to test how it works first. Thumbs up that the temperature stays in the right level when the weather gets colder!


There are many good reasons to have a vegetable garden.

It´s just so COOL to have food that you have grown by yourself!

That´s what I thought when I was holding our huge parsnips in my hands.

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