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Writing my blog in English instead of my mother tongue Finnish often gives me and my husband grey hair. I can´t even describe how difficult it is sometimes for me to form sentences in English when I´m tired and our girls are playing on background. Or how long it takes to find the right word that has 15 different synonyms in English!!

However, I´m really happy that I chose English in the beginning. It offers me so many benefits. A possibility to get in contact with same-minded people all over the world is definitely the biggest thing. I´m so happy about it! Another benefit, that relates to the first one, are the great tips that I´m able to get from my foreign readers.

I got a great cake recipe tip some time ago from Amy, one of my US readers. She had baked the traditional Hummingbird cake for her father´s birthday and posted about it in her blog. Thank you so much Amy!!

I read Amy´s post and checked the Hummingbird cake recipe that she recommended. I realized that the recipe was actually very simple and easy to do. (Note! I would drain the crushed pineapple to avoid the cake getting too moist) You just basically  have to mix all things together, both in dough and frosting. A perfect cake recipe for a working mom! I thought. I noticed that I´m able to get all the ingredients from the local supermarket. Pecans are the main ingredient in the cake. When I found out that pecans are actually my husband´s favorite nuts, it was clear to me that THIS was the cake I wanted to bake.

I love our own traditional Finnish recipes, and I’m going to publish them more in the future. But variety is the spice of life. The Hummingbird cake was so delicious! I loved it, and so did all my friends. I haven´t tried any new recipes in a while so I was delighted to be able to offer something new to my friends.

Hummingbird cake´s recipe is so simple that everybody can do it. So if you want to have a cake for Mother´s Day, this could be the one to graciously hint about 😉


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