How to clean and dry mushrooms?


If this autumn would had been a “normal” autumn in our family, you had seen many mushroom posts in SaimaaLife. However as I`ve told you this autumn has not gone as we planned. That`s why this is probably the only mushroom post for now. More will come next autumn!

Even thought this post is about black chantarelles, this is how you can basically clean and dry all kinds of mushrooms…


This is black chantarelle. My husband has tried to look for them for a long time and now -for the first time- he found a true treasure. You can only imagine how happy and proud man came from the forest that day!


Mushroom catch for a day


1. Cut out stalks of all mushrooms.


2. Open mushrooms so that you are able to clean them both from inside and outside.


3. Clean mushrooms with a brush.

Note! A mushroom knife is a best tool to clean mushrooms because in mushroom knife there is both a knife and a brush.


4. Cut mushrooms.


5. Spread mushrooms to a flat underlay and dry them in an oven or in a mushroom dryer. Suitable temperature is about 35-40〫C. It`s important to keep the temperature even. Mushrooms are ready when they break.

6. Pack mushrooms to dry and airtight boxes. Store boxes in a dark, cool and dry place.


Drying is a good way to preserve mushrooms. By drying the taste and nutrients remain good. Dried mushrooms stay also edible for several years.

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