Smell of cabbage means cancer prevention


Cabbages are one of the last vegetables that we are able to get from our vegetable garden. Last summer was the first summer when we were growing any kind of cabbages. Our broccoli test succeeded so well so this summer we tried to grow also cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Crop was good but next summer we decided to grow all cabbages under a gauze. A gauze prevents cabbage worms tap into cabbages.


Broccoli is my favourite cabbage


After you have cut the main broccoli inflorescence, the plant starts to grow smaller inflorescences from a stalk of the plant


I read somewhere that if you don`t like to eat vegetables, eat at least broccoli and pepper. They include the biggest amount of nutrients of all vegetables.


My first self-grown cauliflower


This was also the first summer when we were growing Brussels sprouts with my mom


Cabbages are healthy in many ways

Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy and you should eat them daily. During the last few years I`ve become more interested in those health effects; in what way specifically different kind of vegetables are healthy. After I had downloaded my cabbage pictures to my blog I found myself looking for articles about the specific health effects of cabbages.

I found this article. After reading that my motivation to grow and eat cabbages improved. I hope it has a same effect on you too!

In article it was told that eating cabbages, like broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, prevent cancer.

When you`re cooking cabbages the kitchen is filled with swell of cabbage. And the smell is not the best one, or what? The smell comes from sulfur compounds which are released from cabbage during cooking. Research has shown that these sulfur compounds may prevent breast cancer by inhibiting estrogen by either mimicking it, as well as triggering our bodies to produce enzymes which block new cancer cell growth. So it is worth learn to tolerate or even like the smell of cooked cabbage because the smell means healthiness!

Here`s a list about other good reasons to eat cabbages:

  • Cabbages are readily available
  • Cabbages are inexpensive
  • Cabbages has lots of vitamin C, fiber, folacin and potassium
  • Cabbages have no cholesterol and no fat 



A good way to get yourself to eat more vegetables, like broccoli, is just to add them a little bit to your recipes


Broccoli is good for example in pizza….


…broccoli-feta pie is also delicious!

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