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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 212th Way

We go to work to get money to buy food from a supermarket. That’s the way in the modern society. That is how also our family gets our food most of the time.

But we also have our vegetable garden, berry picking trips, mushrooms and fishing. It’s different kind of work to get food.

While trying to acquire food straight from nature you go back to the roots of mankind. That was the way we used to do it back in the days. It’s much more concrete way to have your food than getting it from the supermarket. It’s about connecting yourself to nature. Connecting yourself to a forgotten past of a human being.

You’re able to be part of every phase of a thing that keeps you alive. Being part of it in a very deep level. And it really makes the difference. You learn to appreciate your food more when you work for it. 

I think that great food tastes great no matter where you get it, but when you’re able to get it by yourself from nature and also prepare it, it just tastes somehow different. It gives the food that last touch that makes great excellent.

This day I was so fortunate that again we are able to have fresh fish but I was also happy for my husband who caught his record zander (walleye), 4,3 kg.


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