Reasons to pick up food from the forest


In the early days of our dating I had picked up hardly any mushrooms from the forest – instead of that I had picked up lots of berries every year. My husband on the other hand had picked up hardly any berries but many edible mushrooms were familiar to him.

When you combine that, you get a couple who is picking up lots of food from the forest every year 😉 And when this couple is having kids, the amount of berries and mushrooms is only increasing. A common hobby feeds this couple`s interest to get more and more food from the forest and wild food in general. And teach the kids to do so too.


These blueberries were right next to our friends’ cottage. While picking up the blueberries it was nice to have a talk because we see each other only once or twice a year.


Unna was eager to use her new berry basket that grandmother had just bought to her


This summer Henri has picked up more berries for us because of my pregnancy


Walking in the forest and picking up berries is easy and good exercise


We ate all of these blueberreis. But there was still a lot to come to put in the freezer.


Berries are the best to eat fresh because then they include maximum amount of vitamins

Reasons to pick up blueberries and other kind of wild food from the forest

There are many reasons to pick up berries and mushrooms from the forest. Here are our reasons:

  • You get fresh food that includes maximum amount of vitamins. Food from the forest is a choice for your health!
  • You get clean food that includes minimum amount of artificial food additives.
  • Your learn to respect the food you eat more because you  have to work to get it. When you pick up or grow your own food you just don`t throw that away or let it spoil so easily anymore  compared to food that you have just bought from the grocery.
  • You can teach your children where the food is coming from. That teaches them to respect the food.
  • You get good everyday exercise that does good to your body.
  • You get fresh air by being in the nature. Lack of fresh air is often a cause of a headache.
  • You see the result of your work which for example does good to your self-esteem. In many jobs nowadays one worker does just one work phase in a long production line without a possibility to see the final result. That has often a negative effect on work motivation and self-esteem. A human has a need to be beneficial and productive.
  • You can relax in the forest which is good for the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul. When you concentrate on picking up berries or mushrooms you can immerse yourself in concrete work and let your mind rest. At the same time your subconsciousness can work. After your forest trip you may realize that some of your worries have gone away or your problems have been solved.
  • You can spend time together with your family, or if you go alone, you can spend some peaceful time just with yourself.
  • You can save some money. All the food that you pick up or grow by yourself is off  from your grocery bill.

Yes, Unna likes blueberries VERY much


Work of a day is done and coffee break is waiting at the cottage


Summer and fresh blueberries with milk belong definitely together

Have a nice berry and mushroom trips to the forest!

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