365 ways to wellbeing – 119th way


Have a healthy snack

At the moment there’s nothing more important than that the mother of this family to be healthy.

A diet – that is one thing that is important for good health. My diet is pretty diverse and healthy so there isn´t any big changes that I should make. Only thing that could be better is my afternoon snack. Usually it has been the moment when I´ve allowed myself to eat something sweet – couple of pieces of dark chocolate, a cinnamon roll or something like that.

This day I decided that I forget my sweets for a while and change them for a healthier option as long as my flu is totally, totally over and I´ve been able to strengthen my immune system a little bit.

Organic oat baguette with cheese, ham, tomato and cucumber, some strawberries from the freezer and coffee. That was my snack this day.

A healthy and proper snack – that made me feel good this day!




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