The Most Powerful Medicine



I found the quote above a couple of days ago. A strong message said in a very straightforward  way. Too straightforward perhaps, I thought first. Then I kind of change my mind. I realized that some things in life deserve to be said in such upfront way. They need to be said like that to be noticed.

I think food and its effect on our physical and mental wellbeing is one of those things. It´s better to say directly that it matters a damn lot what kind of food and how much you eat in your everyday life!


Our 115 liter freezer is now full and I am happy! It’s full of wild blueberries, chantarelles, spinach, broccoli, beans, zucchinis, rhubarb, black currants, red currants, raspberries and strawberries.

Now it´s time to start to fill up our second freezer and the dirt cellar at the grandma´s. And preserve food by drying for the wintertime. Picking wild mushrooms and lingonberries are on our To do -list next. My husband tries to get us some wild fish too. And me and my mom continue harvesting our vegetable garden.


It’s sounds great to be able to have all that food. Yes, it is like that. But it’s also a lot of work. All the berries and mushrooms don´t find their way to our plates during the winter unless we don´t pick, clean and preserve them. And vegetable garden does not blossom if we don´t make the effort to take care of it. Guess how many days me and my husband had during our holiday without any kind of picking, growing or catching food? Not many, I can tell.

To be able to eat fresh and local food, you need a lot of time and a right kind of environment around you. Or you need to earn enough money to be able to buy it from Farmer´s market or a grocery that sells local and fresh food.

There are a lot of ways to achieve a balanced and healthy diet. But the cold fact is that you choose your food and diet and the amount of energy, time and money you use for having it. You can go to extremes, be indifferent about the whole subject or choose something in between.

It´s YOU who decide what to put in your mouth.

No, it´s not always easy to find time, energy and money to eat well and healthy, but yes, it is possible. You just have to make the right choice. Prioritize food.


Our family has chosen food. We are ready to save a lot of money from other things to afford to have time to pick wild berries from the forest, catch wild fish and have a vegetable garden.

We´ve done our choice because we´ve noticed it to be good for our wellbeing, both physical and mental. We´ve also done it because we believe that the quality food is the safest and the most powerful form of medicine. 

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