In The End We Are All The Same


People are different in many ways. It´s a richness, because we can learn so much from those differences and from each other.

Richness of life brings us wellbeing. It gives us inspiration. Enhances the colors of our life. It helps us to understand who we are. It widens our world view.


A chance make our guest’s life a bit richer. And our own family life too at the same time.

That was one reason why me and my husband decided to create our Life in Finland -package.


A week ago Brooke Saward, a woman behind the travel blog World of Wanderlust visited our family.

It was such an inspirational experience to be able to meet the blogger who travels full time and have so far visited 50 countries across 6 continents. And it was not only me and my husband who were excited to meet this Australian who has 4 million readers per year. Also our girls were very curious about our international guest who spoke some weird language.


An experience of Finnish lifestyle for a day and stories of our family life in Finland and Saimaa lake district – that´s what we offered to Brooke.

She got a chance to pick up wild funnel chantarelles with us from the forest. She tasted wild blueberry pie and saw how Finnish Karelian pies were made. We also went as close to the Russian border as possible. She was able to just relax for a while and sense the atmosphere of our Finnish home and everyday life.


Before Brooke´s visit I read about her from her blog. I noticed making a list of differences between us in my head.

I have a country girl style. She has a city girl style. I am a mother. She has no kids. I´m married. She is single.

Would we have anything in common?


When we met and started talking I understood that despite our differences we also had a lot to share; We’re both bloggers and struggle with the same challenges in our work. We both want to inspire people to make their dreams come true. And we both want to find ways to feel good and be happy.

really realized our likeness when Brooke told me about her country roots. Yes, she looked very much like a city girl but she also had a side that loved to be in the peacefulness of nature. Just like there´s a city girl in me too that loves to wear high heels and feel the beat of the city.


To understand we’re all alike.  That´s probably the most important reason to meet new people. That’s what I thought after we had taken Brooke to Helsinki train.

By understanding that we’re the same, we can enjoy more of our differences. And appreciate each other more. That way we can also let other people to richen our lives and feel connected to them.

Thank you again Brooke for visiting us! It was so nice to meet you!

And thank you VisitFinland and SavonlinnaTravel by giving us a chance to be a part of Brooke´s visit in Finland!

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