Blueberries – Wild Finnish superfood


This mom is happy again. I summed up that we now have about 30 liters of blueberries in our freezer. That`s enough for our small family to make blueberry soup, blueberry yoghurt, blueberry pie etc. during the winter. Now we can just concentrate on eating fresh blueberries as long as we are able to get them from the forest. Freezed blueberries are good (of course during the winter you can`t have them in any other way) but fresh ones are still the best!

This summer was a different kind of blueberry summer for me. Usually it has been me who has picked up the blueberries for our family. This summer it was my dear husband, grandmothers and great-grandparents who did that – BIG thanks for them for a BIG help! Because of the baby the nurse from the child health centre had forbidden me to pick up blueberries just a day before our blueberry project. That´s why my work was to clean up the blueberries and freeze them.


Blueberry soup is one good medicine for a flu in our family


I and Unna took Henrito  a good blueberry place because he had not been there before


I`m so proud of my husband – he picked up 20 liters of blueberries alone in a one day

Blueberries – Finnish superfood

I like to eat a lot. I think food is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But I don`t like  just any kind of food. One of my diet guidelines is that I try to eat food that contains maximum amount of nutrients. I don`t like the word “superfood” but that`s how that kind of food is called nowadays. Domestic and local superfood – that is what I favor, like Finnish wild berries.

Blueberries are my favourite wild berries (by the way I learned today that a synonym for “a blueberry” is “a bilberry”). Already as a child I learned that blueberries are very healthy. My mom taught me to eat them and other wild berries and I have done that ever since.

But what exactly makes blueberries so healthy? I read an article about Finnish wild berries and there it said that

“Blueberries are very rich in beneficial nutrients. Research has linked blueberries particularly with the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. There’ve also been claims that the berry could prevent age-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s”.

From the site of Arctic Flavours Association I read that  blueberries contain a lot of vitamins C and E and  they are also a good source of fibre and flavonoids. All sounds very good – no wonder blueberries are called superfood!


Cleaning up the blueberries outside in a warm and sunny day was quite nice!


Cleaning up any forest berries is an easy but a time-taking job


These two friends have played a lot together this summer


A young blueberry taster


I like this phase because then I know that the job is almost done


Vitamins, vitamins


You need to put only some sugar on top of the cleaned blueberries. Then they are ready for freezing.

Buy blueberry products online

As I have said, fresh blueberries are the best and include maximum amount of nutrients. But of course you can`t have them all year around and they are not growing all over the world. In spite of that you still have a possibility to taste and try this wild delicacy.

Because we have lots of blueberries in Finland, we also have developed different kinds of blueberry products. For example dried blueberries, blueberry powder, blueberry puree, blueberry juice, blueberry jam, blueberry flavored rye sticks, blueberry chocolate, blueberry liquorice, blueberry cookies, eco-friendly blueberry hair shampoo and hair conditioner. You can buy them fromFinland online-shop. Blueberry juice and blueberry chocolate are my favourite so I recommend especially to try out them!

All the products sold at fromFinland are manufactured in Finland. Company`s goal is to make it easier to acquire Finnish products all over the world.


After our blueberry project it was time for a nap (which did not last long this time…)


Unna was too eager to continue her plays with Jonas dog


In the evening it was time to reward ourselves – Blueberries with vanilla ice cream, yum!

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