Accept The Dark Days In Your Life


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 267th Way

Sometimes you just feel so miserable. Everything is dark. You are the worst human being in the whole universe. Everybody hates you and especially you hate yourself. Darkness of your mind can be so overwhelming that it’s hard to fight against it.

That is when you sometimes just have to accept that here I am and I can do nothing about that darkness right now. You just have to wait a bit. A day, or a few days. Sometimes even longer. Sometimes the time does the trick. And the fact that you stop fighting against yourself. You just accept the situation, accept that dark days are a part of the life of human being. And what is most important, you accept that there will be a better day.

Dark days have been my companion during my crisis. I´ve tried to fight against them but noticed that they will eventually come, no matter what. It felt depressing until I noticed that also better days can surprise you. This morning wasn´t the best morning in my life. But before I even got up from the bed I was able to accept my emotions even though they weren’t the happiest ones. I guess sometimes fighting against your feelings is useless. It just make them worse and consume your energy. Sounds strange, but that realization made me good this day!


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