Sit Down For A While


 Last year I stopped saying “I´m in a hurry“. I just stopped.

I did it because I realized it was just a habit for me. I was in a hurry just because I was saying it to myself. But I really wasn’t.

So I decided to stop the haste and not to worry about the length of my To do -list.

I started to do one thing at a time instead.  And after getting something done I said “Well done, Mari!

I also created a habit to sit down for a while every now and then. Every day actually. Just for a minute or two.

Sit down, take a few deep breaths, look around and think what’s good in life at that very moment.

My To do -list is still as long as it was a year ago.

The difference is that I don´t feel that I´m in a hurry anymore.

I’m more mindful and less stressful.

And the moments I used for worrying my constant haste, I nowadays use for calming down.

Peace of mind, that’s the best medicine against haste.



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