Wonderfully Boring Life


It happens so easily. We say yes, even thought we would like to say no. We say yes just because we are afraid to say what we really want. We think that we may hurt someone by saying no. Or we think that people will like us less, if we do what we really would like to do.

And there we are. In a meeting, a party or whatever social recreation just to feel ourselves bored or useless there. Our body is present but our mind is elsewhere. And we feel bad.

One that kind of a thing for me has been all the evening events and nightlife. As a morning person it´s hard for me to stay awake late. And in nightlife. Well, that has just never been my thing. However when I was younger I remember many times taking part in a late night event without wanting it really. I´ve taking part just because I´ve not been able to say that actually I´d like to be at home and go to bed early.

Last Friday evening I was at the grandma´s with the girls. I had helped my mom in the cow house. We had eaten a dinner and had a sauna. I was in a living room and listened to the Voice of Finland. At the same time I was reading some children´s books to Unna and Liilia.

I love my boring life! I remember thinking. I love that motherhood has given me a good excuse to say no. I don´t feel pressure anymore to be more social than I want to and I love it! I love to be boring me and I love my wonderfully boring and simple life.

So whatever you want to do, do that. Learn to resist the pressure that is coming from outside and inside of you. You feel so much better when you act according to what  you really want!







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