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I´m quite an active person. I need to get my body moving in one way or another on a daily basis. At least a bit, like this or this. Otherwise I’ll be soon climbing the walls. I get cranky and that´s not good for the wellbeing of anyone.

As a working mother I have a common problem with exercise. Often it’s the lack of time. At times it’s the lack of energy that prevents me from getting enough exercise.

Being active in my everyday life and excercising at home with the children help. But I´ve noticed that it´s not enough. I need something more. I need to sweat at least once a week. And I need a chance to do that by myself.

I´ve learned to dig up opprtunities to do that and now I’ve found the one that I´m really happy about!

We made a deal with my mom. From now on, every time I´m visiting my parents with our girls, I am the one who does the morning and evening work at their cow house. My mom on the other hand is the one who´s taking care of the girls.

Our deal is great for many reasons. Why?

  • Because it gives me an opportunity to take care of the wellbeing of my body & mind. I´m able to get some exercise. And I´m able to spend a while alone and do something that I love to do in peace and without hurry (Read: I can rest a while).
  • Because it gives my mom an opportunity to be with her grandchildren. In other words to do something that she loves to do. When I work at the cow house, it means also less work for my mom.
  • Because it gives our children an opportunity to play and spend time with their grandma. To do something that they love to do.

Our deal is a Win-Win deal for the wellbeing of all of us – for me, my mom and our girls. It’s perfect!

So 2,5 hours working at the cowhouse in the morning and the same 2,5 hours in the evening. That´s what made me feel great this day, both physically and mentally!

Search for Win-Win deals for your wellbeing. That is my advice for all working mothers today.

Win-Win deals help you to be well, and they also help other people involved to be well too!













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