Blog Renewal Part 1 Is Ready!


Like doing a 1000 piece puzzle. That’s how I’ve felt lately when renewing my blog.

During my Wellbeing Challenge 2013 I was able to round up all the pieces. In the beginning of this year those pieces were mixed up again. I´ve tried to figure our the right place for each piece in my mind and in my blog. I´ve asked myself over and over again what this piece has to do with wellbeing? How does it fit in?

Now I feel that the puzzle is well on its way of being finished. And I can´t describe how happy I am for that!


When I started my blog I decided to believe that I’ll find the direction along the way. That’s natural thinking to me. I also decided to believe that I will find the heart of my blog when I just start to write about my life and my thoughts about wellbeing.

I´m so happy that I had the courage to believe so, because now I´ve seen it coming true. The work will continue but the pieces are now finding their place in my head.  I can already see clearly where I’m heading to. And that’s a great base to continue!


One place where the work I´ve done is visible is my blog introduction. Go and see what I’m going to focus on in the future…


My blog continues its natural development as it has done so far. develops as I develop.

But already for some time I had felt that my blog´s introduction didn´t really match with what I’ve written. Now it does! And I´m happy for that because now my new readers can get a better picture of when visiting my blog for the first time.


If this is blog renewal part 1, what’s part 2 then? Well, that´s a story about my wellbeing history. The one I´ve decided to write down to explain why I have ended up developing my concept of natural wellbeing.

It´s such an interesting project! Therapeutic I would say. Like so many of my posts have been to me. A great project to increase understanding and knowledge about myself and of wellbeing.

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