365 ways to wellbeing – 122nd way


See cleaning as an opportunity to exercise

I´m not a mother who walks around the house with a cleaning rag. And I think that you’ve seen that already. For me cleaning is the necessary evil. A thing that just needs to be done. Having said that, I don´t want our home to look like a pigpen either.

I´ve thought a lot about ways to clean in a more efficient way or in a way that would annoy me as less as possible. As with many other things I´ve concluded that “ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING”.

“Cleaning is a possibility to get some exercise”. That´s what I´ve started to say to myself. I´ve taken it so far that I even put on my sportswear when I start to clean. That’s because like in sports, it’s a lot nicer if you have the right equipments!

So that is what I did this day. I put on my sportswear, did my warm up by picking up toys and dirty clothes  and gathering paper and cardboard for recycling. As always, it took already one hour of preparations before I actually could start to clean… Then I cleaned the floor and mirrors and did all the normal cleaning stuff. I did it well but as fast as possible.

The final result was a clean home and sweaty mom. A happy one.

So exercising by cleaning was the thing for this day. Not my favorite way to exercise but better than no way at all!

Woman is having a break from cleaning and looking herself on the mirror

Woman is doing laundry

Some cardboard for recycling going out

Woman is vacuum cleaning living room carpet on an apartment building

Woman is cleaning up door mirrors

Mom cleaning while baby is on the floor

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