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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 231st Way

We are forced to think more and more in our daily work. Our work is becoming more abstract and there are many times when we just do things and not see on what they affect to. We are a part of a whole that doesn’t reveal itself to us. That might lead to a situation that we get frustarated. Is our work any good for anybody? Is my hard work totally meaningless?

That is not the case when you work with your hands or do physical work. You do something very practical and see the progress. Seeing the progress, seeing that actually something concrete is really happening, can be very rewarding.

For me taking care of our vegetable garden is the thing. Digging the dirt, cutting the plants, rooting out the weeds, harvesting… That is where I’m feeling happy and meaningful.

This day taking care of our vegetable garden was the thing for my wellbeing!








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