Enjoy A Fine Scent


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 230th Way

I went to grandma’s with the girl this day. As soon as I opened the door the scent of fresh blackcurrant juice welcomed us to step in. It was such a strong scent that I just couldn’t miss it. I was immediately carried away to my childhood memories and felt so good that it’s hard to describe.

The scent of blackberry juice was strong and familiar but we often do miss other scents in our daily life. When we experience things we usually concentrate on only one or two of our senses at a time. But if we slow down a bit and pay a little bit more attention to what we are experiencing we could get so much more out of it!

The sense of touchtastehearing and seeing. Be open to them and you get so much more out of life! That’s a favor for your wellbeing!





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