Recipe For Oven Roasted Root Vegetables


365 ways to wellbeing – 108th way: Make oven roasted root vegetables

Simple and healthy. Those have been the magic words in our family`s kitchen during this winter.

Oven-roasted root vegetables have been one simple dish that we have made many, many times. Another my and Unna’s favorite have been vegetable soup.

Here´s the recipe for my oven roasted root vegetables:

  • Peel around 1 kg root vegetables, like carrots, beetroots, parsnips, swedes, potatoes and onions
  • Chop all vegetables (If you have the time slice them thin. I don´t have, so I`ll make thick ones.)
  • Mix 1/2 dl olive oil, 1/2 dl organic honey, 2 tbsp dried herbs (thyme is my favorite), 6 cloves of pressed garlic  (I´ll say the more  garlic the better!)
  • Mix up oil mixture with root vegetables
  • Put the root vegetables on the oven pan
  • Bake in 200℃ for about one hour
  • Serve with Turkish yogurt – My simple way 😉

This day it was oven roasted root vegetables that made me happy. Real food with lots of nutrients. That´s my kind of food!


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