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Close your ears

This happened on one Friday last March. I thought back then that I don´t put it on my wellbeing challenge. But I´ve now realized that sometimes it really works for your wellbeing.

So it was Friday evening. Me and the girls were leaving to my parents for the weekend. My husband was having 2-day ice-fishing trip with his friends and I didn´t want to stay home alone with the girls.

While my husband was dressing Unna he started to talk how sad he is because he can´t spend the weekend with his family. He was also worried how he would be able to sleep because instead of sleeping in his own bed he had to stay night in a cottage with his friends.

I noticed how my blood pressure started to rise…

I knew that my husband didn´t mean anything bad with his words. I knew that he would miss us during the weekend and he couldn´t sleep in a new place as good as at home.

The thing was the difference between our realities. He was and is living in a father´s world that is often quite different than mother´s world – especially when you have small children.

I heard a voice saying in my head: “Poor man, he HAS TO have the whole weekend for his favorite hobby and he HAS TO be the whole weekend with his friends. When do I have a chance to spend a weekend alone with my favorite hobby or go for a weekend trip with my friends?” 

After these sentences I realized that the best thing what I could do in that situation was to close my ears from my husband  “worries”. Instead of that I concentrated on thinking how me and the girls would have a fun weekend at my parents`place (and we did).

So this day it was closing my ears that served my wellbeing. That’s how I prevented myself to become really annoyed!

(There are hardly any icicles outside but here´s still some from March.)





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