365 ways to wellbeing – 126th way


Listen to a song that makes you feel good

Adult music. I want to listen to adult music. That was my thought when I was having my breakfast. Children´s songs are nice and we have listened and sang them A LOT lately. Now it´s turn to listen to some adult music.

For me the most important thing in music is the atmosphere. According to my mood I´ll decide what I want to listen to. Summery vibes. That was what I wanted to listen.

Me (and my husband´s) choice was ‪”Lisztomania‬” from Phoenix. For us it’s a summer song. All of our friends who have spent the Midsummer on the same island with us, know that. This is a song that brings warm and relaxed summer day with the friends to my mind every time I hear it.

This song made me feel good this day.

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