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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 338th Way

If you search wellbeing wheel or wellness wheel from Google you´ll get this kind of photos in front of you. Wheels that describe different elements of wellbeing. Elements may differ a little bit depending on what purpose the wheel has been made for. But basically they all describe the same; holistic wellbeing of human being.

I think wellbeing wheel (and figures like Maslow´s hierarchy of needs) helps us to realize how broad the concept wellbeing is. They help us to see for example, that physical wellbeing is really only one element of wellbeing.

This day I went through all my wellbeing ways so far (Can´t believe what kind of posts I´ve made…). I realized that by trying to think up 365 different ways to wellbeing I had actually learnt and taught myself some very valuable lessons. With the help of my Wellbeing Challenge…

  • I have proved to myself in real life WHY all the elements of wellbeing are important for holistic wellbeing (like if you can´t sleep enough, you can´t be well no matter how well all the other things would be in your life). Realizing it motivates me to remember all the elements also in the future.
  • I have concrete examples and experience about the ways how I can improve  my social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, financial, environmental and physical wellbeing.  IN PRACTICE  that is.
  • And what’s more important, I have some experience  and KNOW-HOW HOW TO APPLY these different ways to my life as a working mother so that me and my family can all be well.

It’s good to continue from here! That´s what I said to myself this day 🙂

Many of us are already thinking about the next year. My advice for that is of course to plan it in a way that allows you to be well! And while planning, remember to take into account all your needs and elements of wellbeing – body, mind and soul!


Read more about my “Wellbeing Challenge 2013 – 365 Ways To Wellbeing”.

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