Remember To Fulfill Your Basic Needs!


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 332nd Way

Is Maslow´s hierarchy of needs familiar to you? I think it describes quite well the needs of human being and the importance of each need for holistic wellbeing. The idea is that you have to have your basic needs taken care of before you can really move a step up and aim for some more sophisticated needs like self-actualization, that is on the top of the pyramid. If your basic needs are not satisfied, it’s very difficult or even impossible to fully take care of your other needs.

In western world the majority of people belong to those priviledged who are able to meet all their needs. Or at least we are given the great opportunity to fulfill them, since our basic needs are usually so good taken care of. We have homes, food and pure water, social stability and freedom from big fears like wars. And because we don´t need to put all of our energy and time to our basic needs we have possibility to concentrate on the last two ladders; to our psychological and self-fulfillment needs. And that´s what we often do!

Nowadays many people put the most of their time and energy for activities that give them feelings of accomplishments, improve their self-esteem and promote the fulfillment of their full potential. They do it so intensively that they forget their basic needs. And because their basic needs are not taken care of properly (like they don´t sleep enough or eat healthy) their wellbeing starts to deteriorate.

Familiar? For me it is. In my previous life before children. In my present life I´ve acknowledged the importance of all needs, especially the basic needs. However my problem nowadays is that because of the children I can´t fulfill my basic needs properly all the time. Sleeping is the worst. But this night I slept 6 hours continuously!! I don´t remember when that last happened! It didn´t solve my sleeping debt problem but it helped a bit. When I woke up I felt myself so much more energetic 🙂

So, remember to fulfill your basic needs! They are the base for everything in life – also for your wellbeing!


Maslow´s hierarchy of needs

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