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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 333rd Way

It´s damn hard to be real and imperfect in a modern world. You need a hell of a lot courage and very good self-esteem to be “normal” in a world that is full of webpages, magazines and TV-programmes with perfect bodies, perfect homes and perfect lives! I hate that! I hate that all the perfectness around us makes it so difficult to be an ordinary human being!

Pretending that we are OK even if we wouldn´t be is very common. We are afraid to reveal our imperfections and vulnerability. Like how difficult it actually is for us to balance between family and work or how dark our thoughts can be in moments of  our worst tiredness. Often we do that unconsciously because we are so used to act like everything is fine. By keeping up an artificial facade we do harm for our wellbeing. It consumes our energy and wears us out both mentally and physically. It´s hard to be well and happy if you have to be something that you´re not.

This day I got a package from my American reader Liz! THANK YOU SO MUCH LIZ 🙂 (Same Liz who I thanked with the gift some time ago) And what a package I got! Opening it was definitely the highlight of my day – and Unna´s day too!

We´ve never met with Liz and we know very little about each others lives anyway. However, I have a feeling that we understand each other because we are both mothers. That’s a great feeling!

When I opened Liz`s package I realized how much peer support I had got from her and from all the other mother readers during this year. How much it has helped me to know that I don´t need to pretend to them. To know that these people, my peer group, will understand what it is to be a mother and how hard it is sometimes. All the support has helped me to be real in my blog. Actually I´ve realized that it´s important because by being real I can maybe help also some other mothers to be real and feel better too!

So thank you again Liz! And thank you also Sara, Piia, Inka, Marjaana, Mirva, Riikka, Anu and all the other mother readers! I hope I can give you peer support some way because I´ve got it so much from you!













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