Prioritize The Wellbeing Of Your Mind


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 334th Way

The more stressed you feel yourself, the more difficult it is to eat healthy. For me it means especially having a bad sweet tooth…

The more depressed and blue you feel, the more difficult it is to motivate yourself to exercise. You just can´t get your butt up!! Not even when you know how much better you´d felt after exercising.

The longer you keep negative emotions inside of you without doing anything about them, the higher the risk gets that they cause you some physical diseases or ailments in the long run.  

I´ve calculated that  for 18 years (!!!) (from the beginning of my puberty till the beginning of my first pregnancy)  I thought that if I keep myself in a good condition physically, I`d feel well. I concentrated only for the wellbeing of my body. Or I thought I did. Now I realize that the thing I concentrated on was actually my appearance. I tried to keep myself fit because I wanted to have a feeling that my life was under my control. Or what do you think? If you pretty much torture yourself with maximum amount of exercise and try to live with minimal amount of food, you really don´t take care of the wellbeing of your body…not to mention about your mind! Luckily those days are over for me!

I´m so happy that we here in the West have started to take lesson from the East. However, in the East the wellbeing of mind have always been understood. In the West the emphasis has been on physical wellbeing. The more I familiarize myself with holistic wellbeing the more I see (and have experienced myself) that the wellbeing of mind is the foundation of wellbeing.

Taking care of physical wellbeing, like healthy diet and enough exercise, is important. I´ve experienced that taking care of your physical wellbeing is easier when  you mentally feel well. How many of you sleep better when you don´t have any worries or negative thoughts in your mind? 😉

This evening we grilled sausages by the lake next to our backyard. I love that here in Finland you can actually do something like that!! And that in my home town Savonlinna we have plenty of places to do such thing!!

When I was sitting by the lake I thought “No, the sausages isn´t the most healthier choice and no, sitting isn’t the best thing to do. But I do something that I love to do and I do it with someone I love the most.” Prioritizing the wellbeing of my mind – that was the best thing I did this day 🙂


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