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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 280th Way

Do you know how important comments are for a bloggers? VERY important. They mean encouragement. They mean value for a blog. They mean many important things.

I haven´t got a lot of comments so far to my blog. One reason for that has been my conscious decision not to be so interactive in my blog so far because of my life situation. Not the thing that I would not like to get to know my readers, or that I would not appreciate YOU. Or your comments.

I appreciate your comments a lot, and each one of them means a world to me! They courage me to continue. They give me energy and hope. They mean that I’m not alone and it matters what I do 🙂

This day I decided to prepare a surprise. I wanted to thank one of my blog readers, Liz, who has so far commented my blog the most. I remember the day when Liz wrote to me for the first time. She told me that she was reading my blog daily and that my blog has helped her in her life. It felt amazing to hear that!!! I´ve always thought that if my blog can help even one person to improve their wellbeing, my work has been valuable. Well, Liz was the first that kind of a person to me 🙂 Through her comments I was able to experience, for the first time, how it feels to really help and support someone through sharing my ways to feel better. It felt incredibly good and made me realize that THIS is what I want to do!

So this day I sent a surprise package for Liz and thanked her for giving support and courage to me by commenting my blog. THANK YOU LIZ!

(Now when Liz has got my package it´s OK to publish this post 😉 )








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