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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 318th Way

I went jogging to nearby jogging track. While running I noticed a fallen tree that had fallen two years ago during Asta-storm. It was very small storm on a global scale but a big thing in here Finland where storms are quite uncommon. That fallen tree made me think about the supertyphoon that hit Philippines a week ago. Then my thoughts wandered to my previous post “Don´t look happiness from outside.”

I was strucked by a fact how uncertain our life is. How everything is so fragile and constantly changing. How our lifes take directions we never would have thought. How those who we love are here only for a  glimpse of an eye. And how I’m impermanent. I do not know how many days I have left to wander here on this beautiful planet.

Carpé diem they say. That is so true! We should really learn how to live in the present, to live in this very moment.

One way to live in the moment is to practice mindfulness. To abandon constant flow of thoughts and start being present and aware of each and every moment, consciously and continuously.  To pay attention to everything we see, hear or smell. And do it without labeling things either good or bad. Just float there in the moment with an open mind.

Practicing mindfulness is not an easy task and it takes time to learn it. I haven’t learned it yet but that doesn’t stop me from trying. Like this day while jogging. So, for the rest of my running I tried to be mindful. And it actually worked quite well this time! I was able to be there in the present and silenced my thoughts (which I had plenty of…). I felt myself light as a feather!








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