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365 Ways To Wellbeing – 317th Way

Sometimes hearing a good song makes you smile and gives you joy. Listening to live music, going to a gig or concert for example, does the same but is still a bit different.

My husband is not only good at fishing. He also plays guitar, piano and sings (I know I´m a lucky girl 😉 ). I´ve no passion or will to go to a gig or concert right now. However I became very happy when my husband played this song for me with his piano this day. It’s a song from a movie Amélie. It’s one of my favorite movies, and it has a special meaning to me and my husband. If you want to watch a movie about love, watch Amélie!

I think this song is incredibly beautiful. It´s beautiful when listened from a cd, but so much more beautiful when you hear it live!

Every time I hear this song I think how beautiful life is. And I feel myself light and happy 🙂 Privileged that I can live this life.

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