Laugh Out Loud (Outdoors)


“Laughter is magic that dispenses clouds and creates sunshine in the soul.” -Richelle E. Goodrich-

This morning in the forest was so needed LOL – thank you, Marianne!

(Sorry, there’s a lot of Finnish language in the video but I think you get the point 😉 )

For the best experience, please watch this 360° video in Youtube app with virtual reality headset and remember to turn on HD! Tap on Youtube icon on the player below or open this link in your Youtube app.

Laughter releases endorphins, the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals, and endorphin, on the other hand, relieves pain. That’s why laughter is said to be a great natural pain medicine. 

This week I also bumped into a Finnish-British study where it was shown how social laughter and its endorphins release can strengthen an important pathway that supports formation, reinforcement, and maintenance of social bonds between humans. Great!

Someone could say that the outcome of the study was obvious but let’s not get caught in that.

I just wanted to say that no wonder I felt so good after me and Marianne’s photo shooting session in the forest. After all, it included 1) a lot of laughter, 2) good company and 3) vitamin N – Nature, that is.

After all, nature is also an element that affects our brain and mood positively.

So, I think we can launch a new term here called “LOLO” = Laugh Out Loud Outdoors!

I and Marianne have made different kinds photo shooting projects. Here you find some old ones:

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