It had happened so many times before, and it happened also this time when I and Marianne went into the woods. 

Walking on the road surrounded by nature’s colors, shapes, peace, and silence feel always good.  

However, the effect gets stronger when you step into the forest, off the road.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson-

The more steps you take, the deeper into the forest you walk, little by little the weight on your shoulder lightens and it’s easier to breathe.

I love the feeling how -at the same time- you can feel calm and peaceful but also energetic, even wild.

In nature, I have laughed the loudest and acted most spontaneously.

It’s like in nature all personality features become visible easier.

Unconsciously and consciously I think less my behavior in the woods, whether I said or did right. I think less and live more.

Feel more alive. 

“The best freedom is being yourself.” -Jim Morrison-

We went into the forest to catch snowy forest photos. Not every winter we have in Finland and Saimaa this much snow in the trees. Travelers have been naturally amazed at these winter wonderland sceneries, but so are we locals too. However, besides the photos, I and Marianne got much more out of this morning in the forest.

“WOW” I said silently when I got back to the road again. 

Yes, seeing and sensing the beauty and peace of winter forest was great, but even greater was the feeling inside me.

For an hour I felt free, totally free. Light and happy. Happy about just being me.

“You have to find that place

that brings out of the human in you.

The soul in you.

The love in you.”

– R. M. Drake-

Here you find 360°/VR video about me and Marianne’s photo shooting in the forest.

See also more photos of life in Saimaa taken by Marianne Ahonen Photography. 

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