Cry If You Feel Like Crying


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 7th Way

In December we were told that Unna has heart murmurs (extra or unusual sound). The doctor said that heart murmurs are quite common with small children and often they disappear spontaneously at some point. There are good and bad heart murmurs. Now we just need to wait and see what kind of sounds they are.

Today Unna got a letter from hospital that they had booked time for her. It’s good that the letter came. The sooner we will find out what the situation is, the better. However when I opened the letter I started to cry. Because I`m afraid. Afraid for my little princess who I would like to protect from all the worries and pains in life. I cried because after my challenging pregnancy I felt that I have no energy to face any additional bad news right now.

There are days when it is better to be sad and cry if you feel like it. Days when it is better to allow yourself to be blue. Today I had that kind of a day. Crying makes you feel better, so cry if you feel like crying!



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