Peel A Lot Of Vegetables At Once


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 6th Way

Lately I have thought about ways to encourage our family to eat more vegetables. After we started our own vegetable garden couple of years ago, we started to eat them a bit more. But having more vegetables at our disposal doesn’t mean that we eat them on a daily basis. As much as I’d like us to do. I have noticed that peeling vegetables ready for eating makes us eat them more.  If they are ready waiting in a fridge, they are used way more often than if you’d have to peel them every time just before you want to eat them. When I peel a lot of vegetables at once, I don`t only do a favor for my health and wellbeing but I also save time. And saving time in routine things makes me feel good too!

So today I peeled carrots, potatoes, onions, swedes and parsnips. After that my husband made sauteed reindeer with mashed potatoes for us. The next day I was thinking to cook some vegetable soup and maybe day after that some braised swede pieces… Yummy!








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