Make Porridge For Breakfast


365 Ways To Wellbeing – 77th Way

Everyday life started again in our family. My husband´s second paternity leave week ended and he went to work. On a holiday the daily rhythm is always different from everday life. Or there isn´t a rhythm on holidays… For adults its ok, but with children it is just a fact that life with them is much easier  when you have some kind of  regular daily rhythm and routines. We noticed that again during our holiday…

On weekday mornings me and Unna usually eat oatmeal porridge for breakfast. I´ve taught that to Unna (and for myself) and she eats that without any problems. During our holiday we didn´t eat porridge at all – and it was much harder to get our firstborn to eat breakfast.

That´s why a simple thing – making porridge for breakfast made me happy this day! This morning it was oatmeal porridge made out of organic milk, organic oatmeals and mineral rich Himalayan crystal salt. Healthy, delicious and very good start for a day!






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